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Laura Marling

Semper Femina


Release Date: 10/03/2017


Semper Femina is Laura Marling’s sixth studio album. It was largely written on the road, following the release of Laura’s acclaimed album, Short Movie, in spring 2015. Its loose lyrical thread strings together her keen, freshly observed take on womanhood, and what Laura describes as a particularly ‘masculine time in her life’.

It is a record that similarly addresses questions of how society views sexuality and gender but without seeking to provide definitive answers. It retains an openness to express and portray her own ‘voyage’ of self-discovery, but also to develop and learn as artist, performer, and as an individual over the course of her career.

A rich and enriching listen, Semper Femina is a typically mature and raw record by one of our most talented and prolific young musicians of a generation.

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1. Soothing
2. The Valley
3. Wild Fire
4. Don’t Pass Me By
5. Always This Way
6. Wild Once
7. Next Time
8. Nouel
9. Nothing Not Nearly

Soothing 4:17 Bundle only
The Valley 5:41 Bundle only
Wild Fire 4:51 Bundle only
Don't Pass Me By 5:09 Bundle only
Always This Way 4:33 Bundle only
Wild Once 4:23 Bundle only
Next Time 4:01 Bundle only
Nouel 4:53 Bundle only
Nothing Not Nearly 4:32 Bundle only
SemperFeminaCover Artwork Bundle only